Mercury Racing, E1 Series, Develop Electric Competition Outboard

Btg0921 Mercury 2 860x573

Mercury Racing announced a partnership with the E1 Series to support the development of an electric powertrain for use in a future E1 Series powerboat racing championship. Mercury Racing joins the E1 Series as Official Propulsion and Propeller Partner. The E1 Series plans to begin racing in early 2023 with up to 12 teams set to race on a tight, technical course. Monaco has been confirmed as one of the host venues for the inaugural season of E1 Series with additional destinations to be announced soon.

“Mercury Racing is excited to contribute to this challenge, and looks forward to joining the E1 Series, SeaBird Technologies and Victory Marine in the development of high-performance electric powertrain components,” said Stuart Halley, Mercury Racing General Manager. “Sustainable technology is already playing an important role in the future of marine motorsports, and we anticipate a successful partnership with the three organizations and the products that will result from our combined efforts.”

The E1 Series partnership is designed to create the world’s first Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) sanctioned electric powerboat racing championship, with competition held close to shore in urban areas. E1 revealed a full-size prototype of the RaceBird, a hydrofoil-type boat now under development for use in the series.

The RaceBird was designed by SeaBird Technologies and Victory Marine and features an electric outboard motor, enclosed safety canopy and hydrofoil technology. The boats will be powered by a 35kWh battery from Kreisel and a motor with 150 kW peak power output, with a projected top speed of 58 MPH. Using innovative hydrofoil technology, the RaceBird powerboats will rise high above the water’s surface, allowing for minimum drag and maximum energy efficiency. The boats will be manufactured by Victory Marine.



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