BRP Unveils Groundbreaking Rotax Outboard Engine with Stealth Technology

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The new Rotax outboard engines are horizontally designed, rather than vertically, allowing them to be mounted below the stern deck. They will be offered in 115 and 150 hp configurations.


Big news from BRP today as the Quebec-based company announced a new series of Rotax engines that will have a significant impact on the recreational boating industry.

The new outboard engines utilize stealth technology to operate quietly, out of sight, and with greater efficiency than conventional outboards currently on the market. The power unit itself is designed horizontally, rather than vertically, allowing it to be placed underneath the stern platform.


The 2023 lineup from Manitou, Alumacraft, and Quintex, all of which are owned by BRP, will use the new powerplant.

According to the company press release, the new engines will offer the same advantages of a standard outboard — namely price, performance, handling, and easy maintenance — but with the benefit of being hidden and without occupying space on the transom.

The engine framework sits partially submerged underwater and is hidden under the boat. This both reduces unwanted noise up top, but also frees up valuable space at the stern. BRP claims the new Rotax outboards are also up to 20% more fuel efficient than traditional outboard engines. They also bring a 12% reduction in emissions, and a 98% reduction on carbon monoxide while at idle compared to standard outboards. The floorplan created by the lack of engine is showcased in the new Manitou pontoon lineup, in which an easy-access cubby on the platform holds the oil reservoir and battery.

“Over the past 4 years, BRP has built an unparalleled value proposition for consumers in the market for a boat,” said Karim Donnez, President, Marine Group at BRP. “Today, we are proud to unveil disruptive new Manitou pontoons as well as Alumacraft and Quintrex boats that transform and revolutionize the boating experience. Built upon the brands’ respective legacies, and elevated through BRP’s unique design approach and stealthy engine technology, these new products are much more distinctive, contemporary and spacious. This is only the first wave of what we have set out to achieve in our Marine business, and we plan to continue pushing technology even further.”

Other perks to the new platform include no oil changes, one-touch winterization, and no dealer scheduled maintenance requirements for the first 5 years or 500 hours.

The new Rotax engines will be available on 2023 BRP products including Manitou pontoon boats,Alumacraft fishing boats, and Quintrex boats in Australia.



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